CIO Technology Priorities 2018


IDG recently published a study of CIO Technology Priorities 2018. The research reveals the upcoming technology spending plans and budgets for companies. The survey also outlines the areas IT tech leaders expect to focus their their budgets on.

The results show that this year tech leaders are actively researching artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). But, organizations are prioritizing tech investments in security and data tools.

CIO Technology Priorities 2018 – Key Findings

  • Overall, 50% of tech leaders anticipate budget increases in 2018
  • IT leaders anticipate the greatest increase in budget allocation to be in predictive analytics (47%)
  • 47% expect an increase in business continuity/disaster recovery
  • 46% plan an increase in public cloud while 45% plan increase in hybrid cloud
  • Tech leaders report that 15% of technology spending will be spent with new tech companies this year
  • Business continuity/disaster recovery was reported as the most important project their IT team is currently working on in 2018
  • Data/analytics, cloud and Internet of Things are expected to have the greatest organizational impact over the next 3 to 5 years

CIO Technology Priorities 2018 – Budget Growth

When asked, will your overall IT budget increase, decrease or remain the same in the next year, compared to the prior year, the results were:

  • 57% of enterprise expect an increase
  • 45% of SMBs expect and increase


CIO Technology Priorities 2018 – Tech Initiative Spending – Planned

  • 47% plan to increase tech spending on Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery
  • 47% plan to increase tech spending on Predictive Analytics
  • 46% plan to increase tech spending on Public Cloud
  • 45% plan to increase tech spending on Hybrid Cloud
  • 44% plan to increase tech spending on Machine Learning (ML) and Cognitive Systems
  • 43% plan to increase tech spending on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

CIO Technology Priorities 2018 – Tech Initiative Spending – Researching

  • 44% are researching Machine Learning (ML) and Cognitive Systems
  • 44% are researching Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • 37% are researching Predictive Analytics
  • 37% are researching Internet of Things (IoT)

CIO Technology Priorities 2018 – Tech Initiative Spending – New Vendors

When respondents were asked what technology areas is your organization most likely to considering a new vendor to provide technology, the top 5 technologies were:

  • Big Data and analytics – 57%
  • IoT – 43%
  • Cloud Computing – 43%
  • Mobile – 38%
  • Social Media – 36%

CIO Technology Priorities 2018 – Tech Initiative Spending – Most Important Tech Projects

When respondents were asked to rank their most important tech projects the stack rank list includes:

  • Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery – 22%
  • Predictive Analytics – 13%
  • Data Management / Storage – 12%
  • Hybrid Cloud – 11%
  • Mobile Devices – 8%
  • Public Cloud – 8%


CIO Technology Priorities 2018 – Final Thoughts

  • 60% of CIOs predict their spending on analytics and BI applications will increase in the next 12 months
  • 54% of enterprise CIOs predict spending on machine learning (ML) will increase in 2018
  • Enterprise IT leaders are expecting a higher rate of IT budget increases in 2018 compared to their SMB counterparts
  • 61% of North American IT leaders are planning on an increase in tech spending
  • 47% of CIOs are increasing spending on predictive analytics and business continuity/disaster recovery tis year
  • 60% of CIOs plan to increase spending on analytics in 2018
  • 57% of CIOs say they would most likely consider partnering with a new Big Data and analytics vendor

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