Demand Creation Planning

What Is Demand Creation Planning?

Simply stated, Demand Creation Planning is the fuel that drives revenue. Demand Creation is responsible for generating qualified leads that are passed to demand management where a portion are turned into qualified opportunities and then handed off to the sales organization for closing.

Why Do You Need It?

An organization must set the sales team up to achieve quota or it is wasting money, however, a sales organization is a very expensive function. Creating a Demand Creation function allows for specific marketing skill sets to be hired, at less expensive rates than sales people, to dedicate themselves to build systems, processes and best practices to generate qualified leads.

How Do You Do It?

A Demand Creation Plan requires strategic, proactive and integrated planning, to efficiently and effectively align resources, that will produce the desired results and ROI returns the business demands.

What Can Go Wrong?

Many things can go wrong and the list includes: the wrong people in the jobs, lack of funding, a lead generation vs. a demand management mindset, lack of accountability and no institutional memory. In a sense, anyone can say they can generate leads and everyone can spend money. But, very few can generate qualified leads with a managed, repeatable process that is metric driven, yields expected results and is cost effective.

What Is The Value of Demand Creation Planning?

Demand Creation Planning is an absolute must if there is a business need to build a qualified pipeline for the sales organization. If the Demand Creation function does not exist or is not effective, then the probability of the ale team reaching or exceeding quota diminishes. Or, the sales team decreases face time with customers and prospects to attempt to generate leads in an ad-hoc manner.

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