A Direct Sales Strategy Template

The most effective sales people leverage a direct sales strategy template to ensure that they meet or exceed quota.

Depending upon the go to market research that you subscribe to, buyers are somewhere between 50 – 75% through the purchase process before they contact a vendor.  However, this is based on an in-bound sales strategy.

What is a Direct Sales Strategy Template

A direct sales strategy template provides a proactive approach to selling.  Creating a sales action plan forces a direct sales person to think through how they will make their number, what accounts need to be penetrated and how that will actually happen.

It’s an approach to selling that allows the direct sales force to position the company and its product(s) to target customers in a meaningful, differentiated way.

Effective direct sales strategies can include, but are not limited to, a detailed sales action plan of how to:

  • research accounts and the individuals in the buying process
  • evaluate the financial impact to business outcomes of acting and not acting
  • organize internal resources
  • develop and nurture relationships
  • set goals, establish strategies and detailed action plans

The Benefit of a Direct Sales Plan Example

Direct Sales Action Plan Template - Quota AttainmentMost direct sales reps do not have a sales plan example to start from.  Some sales reps are new, others have had prior success and some simply do not have the time to create one.

Having a sales plan example is step one to achieving quota as it saves a tremendous amount of time.  It provides a sales rep a guide or framework for thinking through the sales process and breaking it down into a logical steps.

Next, the direct sales process needs to be formatted in a concise, informative and digestible format.

And of course, the sum of all the direct sales plans need to be consistent with the sales pipeline planning model.

Customizing the Direct Sales Plan Template

Editing a direct sales plan example is a far easier task than creating one.  A good sales plan example will include:

An assessment of the customer’s environment – often times an account overview, SWOT analysis and insight into the account’s key initiatives

A process to discover and prioritize opportunities – the ability to rank and prioritize opportunities based on objective, quantifiable data

An evaluation of the team’s capabilities – including the offering, the supporting sales team and extended sales eco-system

An estimation of the relationships with the buying team – including approver, decision maker, recommender and approver

A sales action plan – including the goals for the account, the strategies that will enable achieving the goal and specific actions

Direct Sales Action Plan Template

The best laid plans are useless without flawless execution and that is why a sales action plan template is critical for any direct sales rep’s success.

An example of an effective direct sales action plan template would include a restatement of the quantitative objectives for each account.  For SaaS opportunities, this should include timeframes, new, expansion, churn and cancellations on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

The direct sales action plan should have details for the sales rep, inside sales person, sales development rep, pre-sales channels, executives, channel partners and all other eco-system providers.

Communication is key and the best-in-class reps have regularly scheduled communications with structured updates about what has been done, what needs to be done, what was hot done and how it will get done.

 A Direct Sales Strategy Template – Closing Thoughts

A direct sales strategy template for direct sales will not guarantee success.  However, taking the time to create a well thought out and integrated plan will increase the probability of being successful.

Time is limited so don’t spend time trying to create a sales strategy template, leverage one that has been created and customize it to fully fit your needs.  Remember, the intellectual property is the knowledge that the sales rep has and that is very difficult to replicate.  It is wise to spend all free cycles transferring the intellectual property into a direct sales strategy template versus spending cycles creating the template.



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