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These go to market plan templates have been built by a CMO and proven with G1000 companies, startups and taught at the EMBA level.

Free Marketing Templates – B2B SaaS Metrics for B2B Marketers

To establish a clear and direct correlation between marketing spend and sales, it’s important to clearly defined and closely monitor the marketing metrics that are critical for any SaaS company. The quantification of activities (metrics) not only facilitate the objective measurement of the effectiveness of integrated marketing campaigns but they can serve as a diagnostic tool for the early warning identification of risk and opportunities to accelerate growth.  Start tracking the 23 marketing metrics that matter.

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Free Marketing Templates – Go to Market Plan – B2B Market Sizing – Top 1000 Companies

Most B2B go to market plans are based on penetrating a portion of the Global 1000 companies.  Before B2B marketers can build effective go to market strategies they need to document the served market.  Approaches to accomplish this task range from Google searches to paying for data sources.  One issue that always arises in compiling data to accurately represent the target market is identifying the primary vertical industry for the company.  SIC codes, NAICS, GICS and others provide systems to classify a business but it becomes difficult for a B2B company selling to a business that has more than one business. Get the list of the global 100 companies, their revenues and industry classification to save days worth of work..

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Free Marketing Templates – Sales & Marketing Quick Reference Card

A go to market plan can work against itself when a company runs too fast and forgets about internalizing sales and marketing fundamentals.  For instance, the basic question of what does the company do, who is the target market, what is the specific use case that the solution best solves for, what are the title of the individuals in the buying process, what are the probing questions that need to be answered to qualify an opportunity and what are the most frequent objections that arise during customer conversations are assumed to be known.  A concise, neatly formatted one pager can provide the basis for communications for the marketing, sales development and sales teams.  Put sales and marketing on the same page with the fundamental building blocks for initiating and nurturing B2B customer conversations.

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Free Marketing Templates – The Demand Generation Time Lag Model

This go to market plan template is designed to ensure that B2B sales and marketing teams are in sync to meet or exceed revenue targets.  The best-in-class B2B marketing teams are integrated into the sale process and are responsible for developing Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) at the top of the funnel.  That is a great first step but the sales pipeline needs to be reversed engineered to establish a B2B demand generation waterfall that provides the right flow of MQLs by month and quarter.  If B2B marketers create too many MQLs the demand management (sales development reps) and sales team will not be able to follow-up quickly enough with opportunity and the probability of converting an MQL to a qualified sales opportunity decreases dramatically.  Synchronize MQLs into the sales process to maximize effectiveness of marketing spend.

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Free Marketing Templates – Sales Pipeline Planning Model

In this go to market strategy example the math on how many B2B sales reps are needed, in what quarter should they be hired, what the what the ramp is for each sales person, prorated quota, the number of deals and qualified sales opportunities required to make plan.  Often times the revenue or bookings target is simply divided by what is assumed to be the annual quota for a B2B salesperson and the number of sales reps to hire now is determined.  By analyzing the same situation in excel and quantifying variables (the time to hire, the time to ramp to 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%, the number of deals required to make quota, etc) can provide tremendous insight and lead to realistic expectation setting.

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Free Marketing Templates – The Content Marketing Planning Model

Content is king regardless of whether it is for SEO, phone or physical conversations.  All too often the content plan is left to a key subject matter expert or what seems to be obvious.  That may work in the short-term but even then it is difficult to communicate the plan: who is doing what, when and why as it is typically in someone’s head.  The content marketing planning model template was designed to create some structure to the go to market content plan.  In general, there are content providers (primary, secondary, coordinators) and a content calendar.  By documenting the key go to market key messages and dividing them across the subject matter experts and over time the task of creating content becomes very manageable.

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Free Marketing Templates – Event Planning – How to Select, Plan and Execute an Event

This is a go to market plan template to intelligently select, plan and execute events.  Events are huge investments in people and dollars, not to mention the impact on the brand.  All too often, someone in the organization becomes aware of an event based on the geography, market category, industry or a competitor and a commitment to attend is made.  This should be the exception versus the rule as it will be possible to plan at least 80% of the events in advance, but there will always be a few events that arise outside of the ideal planning window.  However, there should be a process in place to evaluate events and make an objective call as to whether to attend the event.  And, if the decision is made to attend an event, a detailed plan on what to do before, during and after an event is laid out with owners across a timeline.

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Free Marketing Templates – Market Sizing Planning Template

Some go to B2B market plans are doomed from the start as they are not grounded in business problems of business outcomes. The ideal situation is to determine the size of a particular market, identify a specific use case and building a unique offering to that provides value to those experiencing that business problem.  But, some companies go down the go to market plan path of trying to build a better mousetrap and then trying to figure out who and how to sell the mouse trap. In this go to market plan template is an example of how to estimate the addressable market, served market and target market.  Completing this exercise will provide a good estimate of the market potential for your offering.

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Free Marketing Templates – Annual Plan Template

An annual plan template is a great framework to coalesce go to market strategies for each functional area each year.  Most annual planning processes are too complicated, structured and exhausting to complete.  The result, either organizations abandon the annual planning process altogether or the end product is too overwhelming to implement.  The trick is to net out the annual plan process to a few basic questions that mean something to the business and are actionable.  A one page annual plan template that identifies the key areas that have the potential to be the most impactful for any business is the best format. Concentrate on pulling information pertinent to your company for a few topics and create an annual plan that will result in the development of go to market strategies that will move the needle for your business in the coming year.

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Free Marketing Templates – Marketing Assessment Template

The Marketing Assessment Template is designed to provide a pragmatic, quantifiable and objective analysis of marketing.  Based on the Capability Maturity Model, this excel based template  allows you to identify the sub marketing functions in as much detail as you desire.  Next, each sub function is then assessed on a scale from one to five.  In addition to the actual performance grading, a rating is placed on the importance of this function to the overall success of marketing.  And, documentation of what resources will be required to attain the desired performance level are noted.  With this analysis in hand, the organization is then in a good place to determine what investments should be made in marketing and what the investments will yield.  This framework is applicable to access any go to market strategy.

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Free Marketing Templates – Questions to Ask When Building Go to Market Plans

There are fundamental questions to ask when building go to market plans and they are all consolidated in this free download.  View the right questions to ask to create demand creation and demand management strategies, a unique value proposition, sales enablement tools, directing product marketing and developing and executing overall marketing strategy.

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