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Go to Market Charts Marketing

Go to Market Charts Marketing – Account Based Marketing Technology Market Map

Account Based Marketing Technology Market Map

The Account Based Marketing Technology Map identifies vendors for each of the account based marketing activities .

Source: Engagio

Go to Market Charts Marketing – Marketing Budgets as a Percent of Revenue

Gartner’s CMO spend survey reveals that approximately 10% of revenues is spent on marketing.
  • Gartner found that in 2014, marketing budgets were over 10% of revenues.
  • Companies with revenues greater than $5B reported that the marketing budget was 11% of revenue.
  • Companies with revenues between $500M – $1B reported that budgets were 9.2% of revenue.
  • Industry did not drastically impact the percentage of revenue spent on marketing as it ranged from 9.2% to 12.3%
  • Companies selling B2B allocated approximately 8.9% of revenues to the marketing budget while B2C companies allocated 10.1% of revenues to marketing.

Go to Market Charts Marketing - Marketing Budgets as a Precent of Revenue

Go to Market Charts Marketing – Business Outcomes for Big Data & Analytics

Challenges Enterprises Believe Big Data & Analytics Will Help Them Overcome

  • Find correlations across multiple, disparate data sources
  • Predict customer behavior
  • Predict sales
  • Identify security risks
  • Analyze machine data
  • Predict fraud or risk
  • Analyze social sentiment
  • Analyze click streams

Go to Market Charts - Big Data & Analytics Overcomes

Go to Market Charts Marketing – Periodic Table of Content Marketing

econsultancy created The Periodic Table of Content Marketing and it contains 8 sections:

  • Strategy – Develop a clear strategy that is mapped to your long-term business goals.
  • Format & Content – It may be appropriate to use multiple formats for a single piece of content as people absorb and learn differently.
  • Platform – The content distribution platforms to distribute and share your content.
  • Metrics – How you will measure the performance of your content.
  • Goals – Quantitatively answer the question, why is there a content marketing program.
  • Sharing Triggers – What are the emotional drivers behind sharing, and make sure the content you create makes people feel something.

Go to Market Charts Marketing - Periodic Table of Content Marketing

Go to Market Charts Marketing – Periodic Table of Digital Marketing Predictions & Trends

MESH Interactive Agency created the Periodic Table of Digital Marketing Predictions and Trends.

Mesh’s interactive table is comprised of 114 elements across content marketing, social media, digital marketing, mobile, marketing automation and analytics.

Some of the major themes include: humanization, real-time marketing and recylcing content.

Go to Market Charts Marketing - Periodic Tables of Digital Marketing

Go to Market Charts Marketing – Periodic Table of B2B Digital Marketing

This go to market charts marketing is from Insight Ventures.

Included in B2B Digital Marketing is SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, Social Media, Website, Content Marketing, Budgets, Free Trials and Funnel Management.

Go to Market Charts Marketing - B2B Digital Marketing Metrics

Go to Market Charts Marketing – Periodic Table of Marketing Signals

The Periodic Table of Marketing Signals is from the Chief Marketing Technologist Blog

The Periodic Table of Marketing Signals is included in the go to market charts for marketing as it is a visual representation of the Marketing Signals Framework.  The Marketing Signals Framework organizes signals across marketing channels according to 3 specific dimensions:

Channel: The primary channel where the marketing activity is executed.
Objective: Where in the sales funnel is there suppose to be impact: awareness, engagement, conversion, loyalty, and advocacy.
Signal Type: Signals are quantitative measures and can be organized by volume, quality, efficiency and shares.
By leveraging this framework, marketers can easily identify the most important signals: channel, objective or signal type.

Go to Market Charts Marketing - Periodic Table of Marketing Signals

Go to Market Charts Marketing – Digital Marketing Strategies

Attercopia produced a framework to facilitate the development of digital marketing strategies.

The premise is that the periodic table will serve as a structure on how to best construct your digital marketing strategy.

Also included are sample Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for sales, marketing and customer service aspects of your digital marketing plan.

Content types, SEO considerations and analytics tools that can be used to implement your strategy and control it are also noted.

Go to Market Charts - Digital Marketing Strategies

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