Go to Market Insights For B2B Marketers

Below are some go to market insights for B2B marketers that have written by a CMO to facilitate go to market strategy development and execution.

Go to Market Insights – A Sales Messaging Framework

Expand the marketing communications strategy to support a sales messaging framework that supports customer and prospect conversations and facilitates customer acquisition and expansion.

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Guerrilla Marketing Toolkit – Create a Persona Lite

The marketing process to create a persona will align the sales and marketing team as the outcome is a detailed profile of prospects that have a high propensity to purchase your offering.


Go to Market Sales Strategies Must Account for Lag Time

Many go to market plans templates over simplify revenue models by only including sales reps and ramp time. The process of marketing campaign development, execution, response generation, marketing qualified lead and conversion to qualified sales opportunity are not accounted for and that will result in sales not meeting quota.

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Most Effective B2B Enterprise Sales Tools

When sales and marketing teams are truly unified, they collaborate to produce sales tools that are aligned to sales cycle and designed to advance sales opportunities to the next stage in the sales cycle, quickly.


Optimize the B2B Sales Process to Create a Predictable Revenue Stream

In order to create a predictable revenue stream a successful process has to be established and then it can be optimized. The first step is to breakdown the sales process into specific stages and to document the requirements at each stage.


The Fundamentals of B2B Go to Market Strategy

A go to market plan template is doomed from the start unless it starts with the fundamentals: defining the market, identifying the specific use case the offering solves, documenting the unique differentiation in a meaningful and compelling way that resonates with those involved in the buying process.


Go to Market Strategy – Market Opportunity

Any successful marketing planning process must start by identifying the market opportunity so that all go to market resources can be aligned for maximum impact. The next step is to account for the technology adoption curve so that realistic market penetration rates can be modeled. Read More >>

Marketing Processes – Target Account Profile, Qualification Matrix and Lead Scoring

At the core of every B2B go to market plan should be a Target Account Profile (detailed blueprint of who is being targeted), a Qualification Matrix (how would a salesperson grade each opportunity) and a lead scoring processes (the grading of an individual and an account over time based on profiling, actions and inactions). Read More >>

Sales & Marketing Process: Demand Management System

The existence and effectiveness of an organization’s Demand Management System is a telltale sign of whether sales and marketing are integrated and synchronized. Best-in-class demand management systems are integrated in demand creation through closed-won deals. Read More >>

Framework for Developing a Disruptive Sales Pitch

At the heart of a successful go to market sales strategy is the story that the sales team can deliver in a consistent, clear, compelling and motivating way. The typical PowerPoint deck that includes your company background, company logo slide and your solutions features and benefits is almost guaranteed to fail.


GTM Strategy – Sales & Marketing Plays

Effective market planning centers around coalescing the sales strategy and the marketing planning process to form one approach to identify, attract and convert prospects to become customers, to buy more and to become net promoters.


Marketing Campaign Template – Successfully Select, Plan and Execute Events

A great deal of time, money and effort is spent on events each and every year. Unfortunately, many B2B organizations are moving so fast that they react to event opportunities as opposed to building a proactive plan. The result is poor execution.


Use Case and Product Differentiation

The marketing communication strategy needs to be reversed engineered from a closed won deal. Specifically, the go to market plan needs to target opportunities that fit the specific use case. And, the core differentiation has to be effectively to strategic, operational, technical and business audiences.


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