Persona Lite is a Tool For Your Guerrilla Marketing Toolkit

A Marketing PowerPoint Depictiing Persona Lite is a Tool For Your Guerrilla Marketing Toolkit - Checklist 1

A Persona Lite is a tool for your guerrilla marketing toolkit that should be added now and applied whenever time and money prevent a Traditional Persona or Provisional Persona from being developed.

Personas serve as the “True North” when building a solution (defining user experience and functionality) or selling a solution (determining what information needs to be communicated, at what stage of the buying process and in what format).

There are a number of different ways to create personas, and a lot of it depends on budget, timeframe, type of project and the type of data you are able to collect.

Guerrilla Marketing Toolkit – Traditional Persona, Provisional Persona, Personal Lite

A Persona is a fictional character used to represent a specific segment or cohort.  In user design, Personas tend to be focused on specific user types, while in sales Personas are typically created to each of the key roles within the buying process.

It’s key to remember that Personas do not represent any one person—they are similar to the concept of a mean or average.  More specifically, Personas are fictional representations of characters created to represent the groups that might use a site, brand, or product in a similar way or buy a product or service.  And, there are many versions of Personas and the process to create them varies.

Traditional Persona

Traditionally, Personas are created based on primary research – research that has to be designed, developed, executed and internalized – which is time consuming and expensive.  More often than not, companies do not have the time, money, access to external resources or internal expertise to create Personas from a traditional perspective so they opt for a Provisional Persona.

Provisional Persona

Provisional Personas are often built based on a compilation of historical, anecdotal, statistical, secondary research, internal insights and customer, analyst and influencer interviews.  This approach leverages a number of sources and it requires some art and some science to orchestrate the combination of these resources. This method is dependent upon a sophisticated B2B marketer with prior Persona development experience.

Persona Lite

There is a guerilla marketing approach to creating a Persona Lite that is relatively quick and easy. However, it does not provide all the detail and benefits of a Traditional or Provisional Persona.

The first step is to identify the title of the person (in the buying process or key user) that you wish to build a Persona Lite for your solution. Next, search job openings for the specific title, industry, geographic industry, and size of company that you desire. More often than note, the following information can be found and summarized:

  • Goals for the role
  • Demographics for the ideal person (age, Location, sex, etc.)
  • Behavioral traits (professional and personal)
  • Professional responsibilities
  • Technical capabilities required in their role
  • Business or soft skills required in their role
  • Background or bio
  • Insight into social media proficiency

Guerrilla Marketing Toolkit – How a Position Description Feeds a Persona LTE

VP Marketing (Technology)

A Marketing PowerPoint Depictiing Persona Lite is a Tool For Your Guerrilla Marketing Toolkit - Checklist 1The VP Marketing will be responsible for defining the marketing strategy and tactical marketing execution. The candidate will work closely with the executive team to ensure that there are marketing processes to pragmatically and strategically achieve marketing goals that are directly correlated to company and sales growth.

The primary focus is to provide the foundation for scaling the business by driving clarity around company’s unique selling proposition, creatively driving that message to capture the imagination of the market, and enabling the sales force to close a large volume of deals in a shorter period of time.

The ideal candidate will have the ability to scale marketing and employ the appropriate marketing strategies that will ramp revenue quickly. The marketing mix will need to be optimized by iterating programs quickly based on metrics—with end-to-end accountability. The successful candidate must be technical and fluent across all go-to-market functions, from demand creation, demand management, corporate communications, product marketing, field marketing, sales enablement, content marketing, analyst relations, web management, social media and brand management. Creativity, clarity, and superior written and oral communication skills are required.

Key Responsibilities Include

  • Partner with CEO and rest of executive team to create and execute on an integrated marketing plan
  • Create integrated messaging, website, social media, field, and other programs to drive awareness and interest.
  • A Marketing PowerPoint Depicting Persona Lite is a Tool For Your Guerrilla Marketing Toolkit - Checklist 4Define and execute quantifiable, integrated and sustained lead generation programs that are increase the velocity of revenue growth.
  • Provide needed support to the sales team – sales tools, pricing, promotions, competitive intelligence, product and industry training, selling scripts, ROI, sales decks and demos.
  • Influence analysts, industry influencers and key partners to establish a leadership position, and create pull in the market.
  • Define and evangelize the category (e.g. top right of Gartner magic quadrant).
  • Develop customer relationships and customer programs to build a strong foundation for Customer Marketing.
  • Contribute to product planning, priorities and product strategy.
  • Establish processes and metrics to measure the effectiveness of marketing programs and alignment with company strategies.
  • Build a world-class and highly efficient marketing team.

The Vice President, Marketing will have a pivotal role in the company’s development and be on the senior executive team.

Professional Experience and Skills

The importance of marketing can not be overstated and the VP Marketing needs the skills to build recognition, get the attention of the industry, and drive the programs to assist in ramping revenue. This is a person who thinks at very high levels, brings those ideas down to practical reality, and then tactically executes to help achieve marketing’s goals.

The environmental factors which marketing needs to address include:

  • A massive, but still emerging market.
  • Uncertainty around a new category: End-to-End BI and Business Data Monetization.
  • Articulation of the unique differentiation and development of value drivers for each key role in the buying process.
  • Goal is to capture market share and expand the customer count rapidly.
  • A multi-faceted go-to-market model including direct field sales, inside sales, and channels (OEM, System Integrators, VARs); along with multiple potential targets within customer accounts.

Specific Qualifications and Experience Requirements

  • 5 – 10 years of CMO/VP Marketing experience in early stage or established SaaS company, or relevant VP role at a spectacularly successful SaaS company.
  • A Marketing PowerPoint Depicting Persona Lite is a Tool For Your Guerrilla Marketing Toolkit - Checklist 7Experience driving product marketing, corporate marketing, customer marketing programs, and all aspects of demand generation and sales enablement.
  • Has an interest in Product and Technology, and ability to translate feature/functionality in value-propositions.
  • Proven experience driving a marketing plan that aligns with company KPI’s.
  • Strong strategic messaging skills and application of messaging to different audiences and channels.
  • Proven track record in successfully launching new products and/or evangelizing new market categories.
  • Combination of large and small company experience, must have quality companies in background.
  • Success as a strong leader; strength in hiring high quality people.
  • Degree(s) from a top university; MBA is desirable.

Personal and Professional Characteristics

Desired personal characteristics include:

  • Clear thinker, speaker, and writer; highly creative in messaging and visually presenting complex topics.
  • Highly self aware, collaborative, and open to feedback.
  • A Marketing Powerpoint Depicting Persona Lite is a Tool For Your Guerrilla Marketing Toolkit - Checklist 3Initiative: self driven, passionate, and able to energize teams.
  • Analytical: able to quickly tease signal from the noise, identify solutions, and prioritize execution.
  • Must be a “quantitative marketer”. Must always be thinking about results and how those results are measured.
  • Externally oriented, ambitious and driven to create a new Market category.
  • Able and excited to do hands-on work while building great teams.
  • Unquestionable integrity, credibility, and character.
  • Fun team player.

A Persona is often captured in a one-page document that includes goals, demographics, background information, business needs, their role in the purchase process, social media affluence and motivations. Simply stated, a Persona is a representation of a particular audience segment or cohort that is based on various types of syndicated and quantitative research. The goal is to captures a person’s motivations, needs, frustrations and their “essence”.

A Persona Lite is not a complete Persona but if you are starting with a blank sheet of paper and there is no budget or available cycles to complete a Traditional Persona or a Provisional Persona, creating a Persona Lite may prove valuable.


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