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The Technology Purchase Process

The Technology Purchase Process

IDG (opt-in required) published some research about The Technology Purchase Process that examines the evolving role of IT decision-makers in today’s businesses, specifically as organizations move towards a more digital-focused business and that information is summarized below. The Digital Transformation Trend Digital Transformation is ushering in important changes in the way organizations buy technology, with…

Selling to the CIO


IDG recently published a study on the State of the CIO, (opt-in required) which surveyed 683 IT leaders.  Below are the highlights from that report. Selling to the CIO – Digital Business CIOs Embrace Strategist Charter as Digital Business Matures IT leaders are expanding beyond a technology role, and driving new revenue streams and business…

CRM Building Blocks


Gartner published a report on CRM Building Blocks that needs to be reviewed once again.  Why?  Because customer information management strategies enable application leaders to deliver on the business goals of their CRM strategy.  And, consistent and accurate customer information and insight are the foundation of CRM. Below is a summary of what you need…

Content Marketing Elevates Go to Market Execution


Designed, developed and executed properly, Content Marketing Elevates Go to Market Execution. The Content Marketing Institute completed a study on content marketing and the key highlights are summarized below for B2B sales and marketer’s to embrace to build meaningful and relevant content for those involved in the purchase process. Content Marketing Elevates Go to Market Execution –…

IT Budgets & Spending


Computer Economics fielded their annual survey and the results for IT Budgets & Spending are summarized below. IT Budgets & Spending – Key Takeaways The number of respondents reporting that their budgets are inadequate dropped from 60% in 2016 to only 52% last year and 51% this year – this is most likely due to…

ROI for Digital Transformation Projects


The expected ROI for Digital Transformation Projects is usually enough to gain a decision makers approval.  So, it is good news that Digital Transformation Efforts have been yielding a positive ROI.  Specifically, 68% of respondents are reporting positive ROI for digital transformation strategies. Constellation Research surveyed respondents to identify: the major priorities of their digital transformation…