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Go to Market Sales Strategies – Sales Performance Optimization Study

Go to Market Sales Strategies - Sales Performance Optimization Study

CSO Insights Sales Performance Optimization Study 2016 provides insights to improve your go to market sales strategies. The information and insights from the study can be used as the basis for brainstorming, goal setting, identifying and prioritizing your organization’s sales performance. Step one is to understand the strategies and tactics employed by other companies. Step…

Go to Market Strategy – SaaS Benchmarking Stats

SaaS Benchmarking Stats - Median Growth

SaaS Benchmarking Stats are a prerequisite to develop and execute and effective go to market strategy for a SaaS company.  Fortunately, Pacific Crest has recently completed a survey to establish a series of SaaS benchmarking stats.  The goal of the 2016 Pacific Crest Private SaaS Company Survey is to provide useful operational and financial benchmarking data…

How is SaaS Marketing Different

SaaS Marketing by SaaS Sales Model

SaaS Marketing is different than traditional enterprise software selling and the differences vary by the type of SaaS sales model. Regardless of whether a company sells a SaaS or on-premise solution, the goal is the same—maximize revenue and minimize the cost of acquiring customers.   With a SaaS solution however, the role of marketing within the…

Gartner Go to Market Strategy – IT Predictions

Gartner Go to Market Strategy - IT Predictions

Gartner Go to Market Strategy – Gartner has unveiled their top 10 predictions for IT and users.  Now, savvy B2B sales and marketers will embrace that wisdom into their go to market strategies and tactics. The digital innovation wave continues to gather momentum and is redefining markets and entire industries.  Below are the top 10 predictions…

A Direct Sales Strategy Template

Direct Sales Action Plan Template - Quota Attainment

The most effective sales people leverage a direct sales strategy template to ensure that they meet or exceed quota. Depending upon the go to market research that you subscribe to, buyers are somewhere between 50 – 75% through the purchase process before they contact a vendor.  However, this is based on an in-bound sales strategy.…

IDG’s Big Data Analytics Research Survey

IDGs Big Data & Analytics Research Survey - Big Data Analytics Plans

IDG’s Big Data Analytics Research Survey study was fielded to understand where organizations are in the process of considering and opting big data technology. Based on the 724 respondents, 75% of enterprises have already deployed or plan to deploy a big data project. Specifically, IDG constructed the Big Data Analytics Research study to drill-down to better…