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CMO Spend Research Results 2018–2019


Gartner’s CMO Spend Research Results 2018–2019 results have been published. In general, Marketing budgets are leveling off, however, CMOs are expecting 2019 budgets to increase. CMO Spend Research Results 2018–2019 – Key Takeaways Marketing expense budgets leveled off in 2018- on average they were 11.2% of company revenue Marketing technology (MarTech) accounts for 29% of…

Digital Business Transformation Survey Results


Digital Business Transformation Survey Results were published by IDC and the highlights have been summarized below. Digital Business Transformation Survey Results Businesses are using technology to drive revenue and innovate at the point of the customer. Digital business is described as the creation of new business designs by blurring the digital and physical worlds.  However,…

Forrester’s Tech Predictions


Forrester’s Tech Predictions 2018 describe the market dynamics that favor those taking aggressive action and create existential risk for those still holding on to what has worked before. Forrester expects organization’s to: 1. Take control of their destiny as platforms like Amazon and Google drive up disintermediation risk and make some companies unintentional utilities. 2. Shift…

CIOs are Driving Digital Transformation


According to IDG, CIOs are Driving Digital Transformation and that requires CIOs to define digital strategy and executing digital transformation programs to enable more effective lines of business for more effective go to market strategies. The transformational CIO collaborates on digital strategies, leads organization change, drives agile practices and experiments with platform and emerging technologies.…

Understanding Cloud Computing Plans


Understanding Cloud Computing Plans summarizes the IDG 2018 cloud computing research (opt-in). Cloud Computing Plans provides an understanding of a companies cloud computing plans by outlining the solutions they are moving to the cloud and which as-a-service models they are likely to move them to. 73% of organizations have at least one application in the cloud…