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The Predictive Marketing Analytics Buying Checklist

Predictive Marketing Analytics Buying Checklist

To help B2B marketers make the right choice, reference the Predictive Marketing Analytics Buying Checklist to formulate your needs and objectively evaluate Predictive Marketing Analytics (PMA) vendors. The many ROI benefits of predictive marketing analytics are fueling adoption of the technology.  That said, frequently the messaging from vendors is confusing, overlapping and sometimes forward thinking…

Global Demand Generation Survey Results

Demand Generation Survey Results - Sales Lead Quality

Global Demand Generation Survey Results have been published by IDG.  The survey was fielded to better gauge demand generation priorities and challenges of B2B technology marketers. The key areas explored in this research study of U.S. based technology marketers include: Top priorities for Demand Generation Objectives that are critical to an affective marketing strategy Adoption…

Marketing Technology Research Findings

MarTech Adoption, Budgets, Innovation - MarTech Budgets

Marketing Technology Research Findings summarizes what B2B marketers need to know about marketing technology (MarTech) adoption and innovation. Walker Sands surveyed more than 300 marketing professionals t0 produce the State of Marketing Technology 2017 – Closing the Gap Between Martech Innovation and Adoption and here is what you need to know. Marketing Technology Research Findings…

Cloud Computing Research Findings

Cloud Computing Research Findings - Cloud Computing

IDG Enterprise completed their Cloud Computing Research Findings (reg required) and there are many insights and information that can be used in sales messaging, demand generation and account based marketing efforts. Specific topics covered by the research include: Cloud models used today Expectations for the rate of growth of each model Desired business outcomes Cloud computing investments…

SaaS Predictive Analytics Market for B2B Sales and Marketing

B2B SaaS Predictive Analytics Market - Sales and Marketing

The SaaS predictive analytics market encompasses an emerging category of data, process and productivity applications for B2B sales and marketing professionals.  SaaS predictive analytics are designed to be used at all stages of the sales cycle – for net new customers and expansion within existing accounts. SaaS predictive analytics help: B2B salespeople improve win rates,…

B2B Sales Enablement Report

B2B Sales Enablement Report

In the latest B2B Sales Enablement Report, it is clear that sales enablement has the potential to increase deal size, drive revenue, lower costs, increase productivity raise customer satisfaction. In fact, IDC estimates that for a typical $1B company, poor sales enablement results in $14M in additional sales and marketing expenses and $100M in lost…