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Our decades of go-to-market expertise is focused on the development and execution of marketing strategy.

Go to Market Strategy Services

gtmGTM – Marketing Strategy & Execution

  • Is the use case / business problem that your organization solves better than anyone on the planet clearly understood across the organization and can every employee articulate it?
  • Is the unique differentiation of your solution defensible and known by every customer facing employee and are they able to articulate it in terms that buyers understand?
  • Is the customer buying process understood and have marketing and sales processes been aligned to capitalize on this knowledge?

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demand-managementDemand Management Strategy & Execution

  • Do not invest in lead generation if there is not an optimized demand management process in place to convert leads to qualified sales opportunities in a timely manner and at a rate that the sales organization can effectively consume.
  • Demand Creation, Demand Management and the Sales team have to be focused on the same goal (objectives and compensation) running the same plays, working from the same systems, following THE process, with clear terminology and roles.

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sales-enablementSales Enablement Strategy & Execution

  • Is your sales team converting opportunity in the sales funnel consistent with the plan?
  • Do your sales teams have what they need, when they need it and in the right format?
  • Do the conversion rates in the sales pipeline increase as you move down the sales funnel?
  • Is it clear to each sales rep what resources are available to them at each stage of the sales cycle and how to access them?

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Demand Creation Strategy & Execution

  • Driving more opportunity into the top of the Marketing & Sales funnel is counterproductive unless the sales funnel is tight and conversion rates in the pipeline exceed industry averages.
    • The synchronization of Sales & Marketing can not occur unless there is a managed and repeatable process to create leads, convert leads and to close leads, efficiently and effectively.
  • Demand Creation needs to focus on Outcome-Based Marketing by targeting prospects that have a high propensity to find value in your solution versus generating volumes of hand-raisers.

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