Marketing Strategy


The convergence of the appropriate brand, market, product and distribution strategies form the basis of how to support the goals and objectives of the organization.

Alignment of strategy provides direction for the company to organize itself to execute tactics in a cohesive manner–to put the “wood behind the arrow”.  It’s imperative that a collaborative effort between Sales, Marketing and Development exist so that products and solutions are built to solve real business problems and customers are ready, willing and able to compensate for that value.

A holistic, integrated and sustained approach to the market will make a difference in the business by facilitating the:
• Selling of more products
• Building of better products/solutions
• Return on investment of Marketing spend


Questions to Ask

  • What is your brand promise to the market place?
  • Do you have a unique and compelling message that is consistent across all actions, behaviors and communications?
  • What are the key messages and who communicates them?
  • What markets do you compete in?
  • What is the market opportunity for your offering?
  • What is your beach head strategy?
  • How do your function’s goals support the company’s objectives?
  • Why are you building product x?
  • What is the business objective for development effort y?
  • What is the new product development process?
  • How do you build a product roadmap?
  • What is the distribution strategy?
  • Is there a compelling value proposition in the coverage model for all channels?
  • What is the cost of sale by channel?
  • How can you decrease the cost of sale by channel?

Provide Value

The Marketing spectrum is vast and complex, however, Four Quadrant with only three things: building strong brands, helping companies build offerings that are successful in the market, and: developing paths for companies get to and close, more qualified opportunity, faster.

The primary avenues for a company to increase revenue and profitability are: Strategy, Product Marketing, Demand Creation & Management and Sales Enablement.

Questions to Ask

  • Are products/solutions reaching their anticipated revenue targets?
  • Are Marketing programs engineered to deliver revenue or leads?
  • Is the sales organization spending enough time in-front of prospects and customers?
  • Is the cost of sale at or below industry standards?
  • Have the economics of acquiring and retaining customers been maximized?
  • Are markets large enough to support growth objectives?
  • Are competitors growing faster?
  • Are win rates high enough?
  • Does product strategy include an appropriate balance of cash cows and rising stars?