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The Content Marketing Planning Model is a pragmatic, actionable approach to build and execute a content marketing plan.  It includes:

  • The Big Picture and Goals
  • Content Marketing Processes and Framework
  • Messaging Map and Calendar
  • Measurement Layers and Metrics
  • Guidelines and Checklist

The Content Calendar

This calendar contains two dimensions: communications channels and time.

Each macro communications channel is broken down into additional detail and, based on a timeline, corresponding actions are proposed for each category. This framework provides a great starting point for an organization to customize the calendar to one’s specific needs. Documenting all communications vehicles and all corresponding tasks provides a useful checklist for tracking, monitoring and managing resources.

The Content Providers

Providers are specifically called out because these people are the source of content. Identifying the right resources to deliver the right message to the right audience through the right communications channel can be a challenge. One of the worst practices is to consistently reach out to one resource for every request. Since everyone has a full-time job, one person is typically not the right person for all audiences nor are they usually as effective in all communications channels.

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