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FREE Template to Select Events Based on a Process
Event Marketing – How to Plan an Event
Created by a CMO
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A 3 tiered selection process to quantitatively and objectively select Marketing Events!

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The largest line item in a marketing budget, other than headcount, is for marketing events (trade shows, conferences, industry events and seminars).  However, Forrester states that 30% of B2B Marketers would decrease the event spending, 21% said they would increase spending.  Why?

Marketing Events are no different than most things in life, especially databases—you get out of them what you put into them.  All too often companies do not plan properly and an event becomes a reactive fire-drill and that is a recipe for failure.

Director Field Marketing, F500 Company “We leveraged the Event Marketing template and instituted a process to evaluate marketing events based on criteria and we hold our program managers to the 70 point checklist.  The result, our ROI of events has increased and the number of complaints about bad events has plummeted.”

Evaluate Event Opportunities based on:

OBJECTIVES                                     RELEVANCE                                               EXECUTION

Planning a marketing event is as complicated a large wedding—nothing is rocket science but the number of tasks, the level of detail and the compressed timeline is a breeding ground for mishaps.  At the end of the day, B2B sales reps will agree that well run marketing events where meetings with the right people in the right companies occur with a backdrop of a meaningful topic are ideal opportunities to increase the velocity of the sales pipeline.  For Marketers, it is imperative to establish a managed, repeatable process for events and then to optimize it.


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