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An image depicting the Sales Pipeline Planning Model

Sales Pipeline Planning Model

The Sales Pipeline Planning Model is a pragmatic approach to documenting how many direct sales reps are needed and when, how many qualified sales opportunities are required and how many conversations sales development representatives need to have, in order to achieve the revenue plan by quarter.

Direct Sales Reps

Revenue is dependent upon sales reps and Direct Sales Reps are the most expensive sales resource but also have the provide the highest contribution to revenue.

Most companies understand that they need direct sales reps but are often late pulling the hiring trigger.  Specifically, the lead time required to attract, interview, and ramp a direct sales rep is significant.  Ramping a Direct Sales rep often takes several quarters, assuming anything less is really based in hope and will usually lead to disappointment-financial and personal.

The Sales Pipeline Planning Model breaks down fiscal year quota into quarters and allows for ramping assumptions by quarter for each Direct Sales Rep, in addition to the:

  • average deal size
  • quota per rep
  • number of deals required
  • qualified sales opportunities required

Sales Pipeline Ownership

It’s important to identify who is responsible for the sales pipeline.  Some companies require sale, marketing and partners to share in the responsibility.  The Sales Pipeline Planning Model allows for assumptions to split the responsibility into percentages and calculates the corresponding number of deals, and qualified sales opportunities required based upon assumed closed ratios.

Sales Development Representatives

Sales Development Representatives are a critical component of the revenue chain as they follow-up on leads and make cold calls.  The productivity of a Sales Development Representative is directly correlated tot he effectiveness of a sales organization.

The Sales Pipeline Planning Model calculates the number of:

  • deals required
  • qualified sales opportunities required
  • meetings that have to be set
  • conversations that have to occur

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