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Assess Marketing functions against pragmatic and relevant criteria.

A fundamental step in developing proposal is to assess where you are, where you want to get to, why that is a better place and what it will take to do so. Evaluate your marketing organizations capabilities against the following:

  • Current State: level or ranking that best describes the state of this attribute today.
  • Desired State: level or ranking that best describes where you would like to be.
  • Gap: the delta between the Desired State and Current State.
  • Dependencies; what is required, at a high level, to move from Current to Desired State.
  • Investment: what resources (people, time, money) need to be applied to facilitate the movement.

There are more steps to complete the analysis and they are included in the FREE Marketing Assessment Template. All you need to do is DOWNLOAD THE TEMPLATE NOW >>

VP Marketing, Startup “As a Marketing leader, each year I try and not just do things better, faster and cheaper–that’s a given.  Where I add value is by aligning to the business goals of the company and setting my team up for success by getting them the resources that they need to be successful.  A key step in determining where we stand and how to get to the next level is a marketing assessment”.