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Marketing needs to take a lesson form Sales–qualify before you act. Ask any good salesman the key to qualification and you will learn it is asking good questions early in the process. Now, What Questions Should You Ask?

Download this FREE guide entitled Questions to Ask When Building Go-to-Market Plans. These questions have been developed by a CMO on the following topics:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Is Value Being Delivered
  • Product Marketing
  • Demand Creation
  • Maximizing Investment
  • Go-to-Market

Download an review the list of Questions to Ask so that you are prepared to raise relevant, meaningful questions the next time a topic or request comes up for discussion. Asking Good Questions will help you navigate to the core of a request so that resources can be efficiently and effectively allocated to provide the desired results the first time you fulfill the request.  All you need to do is DOWNLOAD THE QUESTIONS NOW>>

CEO, Startup “I use to ask my VP Marketing for this, that and the other.  He would always come back to me, after some considerable work, with information that related to my request.  However, that information led to more questions.  When we brought in a consulting group, I noticed every time I asked a question they would counter with 3 or more questions back at me.  At first, I find this annoying but quickly learned by spending addition time upfront framing the question we spent a lot less time on the back-end answering it”.