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A Sales & Marketing Quick Reference Card is a must for demand generation and sales development teams..

The Sales & Marketing QUick Reference Card allows for the most important information to be readily accessible for sales and marketing teams during their initial approach to a prospect.

A Sales & Marketing Quick Reference Card (QRC) is a one-pager that summarizes four key topics:


  • Presenting your company’s value proposition
  • Summarizing the money statement
  • Highlighting the 3-5 high level benefits the technology provides

Opportunity Areas

  • Identifying the ideal business environments that may exist in a prospective organization that align with the solution
  • Documenting the specific functions and titles that are part of the customer buying process
  • Highlighting customers and the specific value that they derived from the solution

Discovery Questions

Asking the fundamental questions to gain insights about the initiative so that a determination of “fit” can be made

Objections Handling

Formalizingresponses to the most frequently asked questions that prospects raise

Who Should Use the Sales & Marketing Quick Reference Card (QRC)

Inside Sales Reps (ISRs), Sales Development Reps (SDRs) and Business Development Reps (BDRs).

  • The Sales & Marketing Quick Reference Card highlights the key information around four topic areas with the goal of communicating a consistent message that supports the brand, the value proposition and the core differentiation of the solution.
  • This QRC is a living document that should be face up on an ISR, SDR or BDRs desk as they make outbound and take inbound calls.
Director, Sales Development, “We create a Quick Reference Card for all of our solution areas and our SDR’s are trained on the one pager so that each is on-topic, focused and ready to overcome objections with their outbound calls.”

The Demand Generation and Demand Management teams

  • The QRC is a great source of information the demand generation team needs for targeting, messaging and creating offers.
  • The information in the Ideal Contacts section will drive list buys and database pulls for campaigns.
  • The insights in the Ideal Project Scenarios section can be used to qualify opportunities to identify those that are closest to the ideal use case that the solution was designed to solve.
  • The content in the value proposition and discovery questions provide content that can be used on the website, in emails, landing pages and some of the topics could support a whitepaper, webinar or blog posts.
Director, Demand Generation, “Our process is to create a Quick Reference Card for each integrated campaign that we develop so that are unique selling proposition is clear, our target audience is focused and our forms are aligned with the probing questions.”

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