Go-to-Market Strategy – How Should Development Hand-off to Marketing?

Most Go-to-Market Strategy allows for how hand-offs will be made between sales and marketing.  However, the go to market strategy that will be most effective includes a marketing blueprint that formalizes the hand-off from development to marketing. The marketing blueprint often includes:

  • Documents the plan by working with GM’s, Product Management, SMEs and Sales and guides marketing resources to build and execute campaigns
  • Builds the value proposition and messaging
  • Communicate the key use cases
  • Identify the compelling events that break the ice for the solution
  • Describes the target audience in a target Account profile
  • Documents the persona of the people in the purchase decision
  • Outlines where and how value is perceived
  • Describes who buys and why
  • Develops the SWOT for the industry
  • Provides the competitive landscape and positioning of vendors
  • Outlines the market penetration strategy
  • Summarizes the market trends, challenges and opportunities
  • Herds the crowd to formalize packaging and pricing

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There is also a good template that walks through the process of market landscape, competition and differentiation at Go-to-Market Strategy Planning Template