Marketing: Is there a model or a systemic plan to develop an integrated lead generation plan?

An integrated lead generation plan is where the rubber meets the road. Lead generation can be done by anyone, anywhere. In more cases than not, lead generation “activities” are assembled that are poorly designed and generate lackluster results.  However, the perception is that there was an integrated lead generation plan and money was spent so marketing failed.  However, efficient and effective lead generation plans can only be designed, developed and executed by a small percentage of marketers who can balance strategic thinking with tactical execution. If focus is placed on the five fundamentals (served market, target account profiles, buying process, message and offer) described below you will avoid many lead generation pitfalls.

The lead generation planning model below is a high level diagram of what to be thinking about when crafting a customer acquisition initiative. In general, it is best to start with an objective that is highly correlated to your reverse engineered demand creation plan—this should be a plan that is mutually developed with Sales and Marketing. From here, the center of the model emphasizes the strategy development—how will you achieve your objective. Typically, messaging or offers are the next component to be developed. With these critical elements of the initiative in place, the appropriate demand creation vehicles become obvious. Of course, there are many more pieces and parts to the puzzle, but if you focus on the core components below and the interrelatedness of each, you will find that your initiatives will be more efficient and effective.

Here’s a how to video to create an integrated lead generation plan, a relevant blog post and a planning template as additional resources to further address your question.

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