1. Sales & Marketing Hand-offs & SDRs - Go-to-Market Strategies - June 9, 2016

    […] the BDR or SDR not become subservient to the sales person and delegated to an administrative role. SDRs need to remain an integral part of the sales process to increase the overall effectiveness of the sales rep and increase the ROI of marketing spend. […]

  2. Sales Pipeline Planning Model | Four Quadrant - June 18, 2016

    […] Sales development representatives (SDRs) are a critical component of the revenue chain, as they follow-up on leads, make cold calls to connect with leads, and process those leads through a qualification matrix to determine if they are worthy of a meeting with a direct sales rep. SDRs are very machine-like and coin operated. SDRs have to be efficient and effective on the phone and comfortable making phone calls, having conversations with prospects, qualifying prospects, and handing off qualified opportunities to the direct sales team. The productivity of a sales development representative is directly correlated to the effectiveness of a sales organization. […]

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