GTM Marketing Strategy


  • Is the use case / business problem that your organization solves relevant and economically significant to your target market?
  • Is the unique differentiation of your solution defensible and known by every customer facing employee and are they able to articulate it in terms that buyers understand?
  • Is the customer buying process understood and have marketing and sales processes been aligned to capitalize on this knowledge?

GTM Marketing Strategy

It’s a fact, few products successfully penetrate the market and reach revenue expectations as companies typically do not develop and execute an effective GTM – Marketing Strategy.  While many companies have some of the necessary Marketing functions, processes, systems and people in place but very few have effectively integrated these functions for an optimized go-to-market strategy.

In many organizations the total, served and addressable markets are not integrated into the go-to-market strategy so they do not serve to guide sales, marketing and development. A well-defined market will serve to identify specific use cases that translate to specific business problems that when solved, provide tremendous economic value to organizations.  A thorough understanding of a use case means that there is a clear understanding of the solution’s compelling value — who is impacted, the workflows, domain expertise and how a customer can derive value that cannot be matched by competitors or home-grown solutions.

A well-defined market and corresponding use case are critical to a successful go-to-market strategy because they provide the ideal backdrop for an organization to create Value Drivers. Value Driversare the bridge between a customer’s business problem and an organization’s solution. Value Drivers are tailored unique selling propositions that are built specifically for each of the key personas involved in the buying process. Value Drivers are not only tied to a customer’s organizational and functional objectives but are also linked to an organization’s financial goals, with tangible, quantifiable outcomes that drive value.

Differentiation is at the heart of any offering and forms the backbone of a fundamentally sound go-to-market strategy. Differentiation is not a laundry list of features and functions that have been compiled internally. Determining what differentiation is and how it should be communicated is most relevant from the perspective of the target buyer. In B2B markets, research shows that 85% of B2B buyers do not believe company claims of differentiation.

GTM – Marketing Execution

With any team sport (and selling is a team sport), a team’s success is directly correlated to both the quality of the plays developed by the organization and the ability of sales and marketing to execute flawlessly against those plays. A play is derived from the intersection of the use case, value driver and differentiation. Best-in-class companies build a Sales & Marketing Playbook that embraces the use case, differentiation and value drivers, and then focuses on flawless execution against those plays.

A play primarily impacts sales, sales consultants, sales development reps, sales enablement, sales operations, demand creation, demand management, product marketing and corporate marketing.  If an organization is clear and realistic about what it has, who it sells to and how to communicate, it does not require many plays to penetrate and dominate a market.  However, it does require a Bill Belichick level of discipline to design, develop and execute the plays.

The go-to-market strategy can be overwhelming if not managed properly. The key is not to try to do everything but to focus on the core issues and nail them.

Examples of Our Projects Include:

  • Use Case Definition
  • Building the GTM Plan
  • Formulating Value Drivers
  • Defining the Target Market
  • Documenting the Cost of the Sale
  • Supporting Target Account Selling
  • Establishing the Beachhead Strategy
  • Organization Structure for Marketing
  • Creating Winning Sales Presentations
  • Enumerating Sales & Marketing Plays
  • Enabling Insight-Led Sales Conversations
  • Establishing an Effective Marketing Mix
  • Defining Differentiation – Unique, Comparative and Holistic

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