Sales Enablement
  • sales-enablementIs your sales team converting opportunity in the sales funnel consistent with the plan?
  • Does your sales team have what they need, when they need it and in the right format?
  • Do the conversion rates in the sales pipeline increase as opportunities move down the sales funnel?
  • Is it clear to each sales rep what resources are available to them at each stage of the sales cycle and how to access them?

Sales Enablement – The Function

The purpose of Sales Enablement is to align the organization’s people, processes and systems within an organization to produce deliverables in a managed and repeatable process, to increase conversion and velocity in the sales funnel.

The fundamental goal for the Sales Enablement function is to empower sales reps to be more effective at each step in the sales process. The Sales Enablement function is chartered with ensuring that sales reps: have the right sales resources, are aware of all available resources, know where to find the resources, are clear on how and when to use those resources, and that assets are in a format that sales reps can easily consume.

At each stage of the sales cycle, various functions in the organization should be accessible to actively participate in deals.  Or, individuals may need to provide deliverables that the sales organization require to move a deal forward or to closure. It is not enough to simply create a deliverable and email it out, or upload it to the sales portal or deliver a presentation at quarterly sales training. To convert opportunity that exists in the sales pipeline requires an understanding of the sales process, compliance with the sales process, knowledge of the resources available to facilitate each stage of the sales process and training that transfers knowledge.

Sales Enablement – The Challenge

The best Sales Enablement organizations promote bi-directional feedback flows between creators of deliverables and the sales people that use the resources. Because it is difficult to create the right sales resources so it is imperative to constantly monitor the pulse of the network to find out what is working, what is not working and what is missing.  And, when success occurs, it is critical for that success to become institutional knowledge throughout the organization.

The sales methodology that an organization embraces must be well documented to explicitly state the sales objective, sales strategy and sales tactics at each stage of the sales process.  These must be constantly reinforced throughout all levels of the organization. Doing so results in a blueprint for the Sales Enablement team to create sales resources that will advance a sales opportunity to the next level.  Embracing a pragmatic approach like this will “build-in diagnostic metrics” to highlight the impact on velocity, effectiveness and revenue.

Examples of Our Projects Include:

  • Providing an assessment of the sales enablement function
  • Aligning resources by sales stage
  • Creating an asset plan to support all sales stages
  • Analyzing existing asset formats and optimize asset formats
  • Documenting best practice usage of assets throughout the sales process
  • Establishing a rating and feedback mechanism for sales
  • Providing feedback to content providers
  • Optimizing the structure and navigation to assets for the sales team
  • Developing a transfer of knowledge program
  • Documenting the meaningful metrics, dashboards and KPIs

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