Sizing the Market Opportunity

Here is a FREE go-to-market planning template entitled Sizing the Market Opportunity that can be used to size your market.

What is it?

It is a 6 slide PowerPoint deck that includes the content needed to size your market in a compelling graphical format.

Sizing the Market Opportunity: The US Market Opportunity

In short, the critical question any business needs to address before it allocates resources is whether the target market is large enough to support the financial requirements of the business model?

Here the US market has been segmented into: Enterprise, Mid Market and SMB with estimates for the:

  • number of companies
  • number of employees
  • and company revenues

Sizing the Market Opportunity: Addressable, Served and Target Markets

In order to have a laser focus, it’s key to clearly identify the target market to align all of a company’s resources tightly as opposed to a spray and pray approach

Sizing the Market Opportunity: Calculating Revenue From the Market Sizing

Once the size of the market is known, attention then needs to turn to quantifying how much revenue will be derived from the target market and particular segments within that target market.

Sizing the Market Opportunity: The Technology Adoption Curve

Market penetration can be modeled using the technology adoption curve.  The curve provides insight as to benchmarks for market penetration over time.

Sizing the Market Opportunity: Penetrating the Market

Once it is clear what revenue can be extracted from the market in general, it is helpful to drill down to understand what segments have been penetrated, how many companies have become customers, the number of companies that remain in the target market and the revenue that those companies represent.

Sizing the Market Opportunity: Projected Revenue

Another cut of the data that is useful for planning and analysis is to cut the data by product, services, maintenance and any other meaningful cut.  Reviewing new customers vs installed base is useful as well.  The timeline for this analysis should be quarters with an annual total.

I encourage you to download the FREE PowerPoint planning template that has been professionally designed to Size the Market Opportunity so you can take the first step in setting your current or next product up for market success.  DOWNLOAD NOW>>

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