The Content Marketing Planning Model

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The Content Marketing Planning Model is a pragmatic, actionable approach to building and executing a content marketing plan. It is an Excel-based model and consists of two sheets – the Content Calendar and the Content Providers.

The Content Marketing Planning Model – Calendar

The Content Calendar contains two dimensions: communications channels and time.

Macro communications channels are identified as:

  • Social Media
  • Blog/Website
  • Advertising
  • SEO
  • Demand Creation Vehicles
  • Public Relations
  • Sales Tools

Each macro communications channel is broken down into additional detail and, based on a timeline, corresponding actions and deliverables are documented for each category. This framework provides a Great starting point for an organization to customize the calendar to to their specific needs. Documenting all communications vehicles and all corresponding tasks provides a useful checklist for tracking, monitoring and managing resources and deliverables.

The Content Marketing Planning Model – Providers

Content Providers or Subject matter Experts (SMEs) are specifically called out because these people are the source of content. Identifying the right resources to deliver the right message to the right audience through the right communications channel can be a challenge. One of the worst practices is to consistently reach out to the same SME for every request. Since everyone has a full-time job no content provider will have the bandwidth to handle all requests.  In addition, one person is typically not the right SME for all audiences nor are they usually as effective in all communications channels.

The Content Providers tab includes the same list of communications vehicles that are outlined in the Content Calendar tab; however, the columns are a listing of content providers. It’s important to spend some time identifying the SMEs who would be great content providers both inside and outside the organization. Next, walk through each cell to determine which content provider would be best as the owner, and which resources would be the best contributors for each deliverable and for each communications channel. This task will likely require several passes since the people who are “top of mind” will most likely appear too many times.

It’s important to not only note the content areas in which an SME excels, but also understand what this role will require of them. Ideally, providing content is, or will become part of their position, so content performance will impact their review and compensation. The other side of the coin is that contributors need to be set-up for success by:

  • Having sufficient notice of what is required and when
  • Being trained on the solution and possess presentation skills
  • Having access to resources in order to produce the deliverables
  • Providing feedback on deliverables

Download the Content Marketing Planning Model to efficiently and effectively build and execute a content marketing plan.

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