Best Practices for Using Webinars in the Demand Gen Mix


DemandGen fielded a survey that yielded the Best Practices for Using Webinars in the Demand Gen Mix and the highlights are summarized below for B2B marketers.

Using Webinars in the Demand Gen Mix – B2B Marketers Are Expanding the Role of B2B Webinars

Research conducted by Demand Gen Report shows that the majority (77%) of B2B marketing teams use webinars as part of their marketing mix, with another 15% planning to incorporate them into their marketing initiatives in the next year. Only 8% said they have no plans to use webinars

Using Webinars in the Demand Gen Mix – Webinars as a B2B Marketing Tactic

  • 48% said that B2B webinars provide better quality leads based on engagement
  • 37% said that webinars provide an ability to gather customer insights
  • 38% said that the quality of leads from B2B webinars are higher
  • 33% said they see better conversion of leads to opportunities from webinars


Prior research from Demand Gen Report showed that three-quarters (75%) of B2B buyers consumed webinar content in 2019 to inform a purchase decision, up from 65% in 2018. In addition, 56% said that webinars were the most valuable piece of content they consumed in 2019, up from 47% in 2018.

Using Webinars in the Demand Gen Mix – Using B2B Webinars Throughout the Sale Funnel

  • 63% use B2B webinars for lead nurturing and reactivating existing leads
  • 40% use webinars for segmented campaigns targeting verticals/roles
  • 29% use B2B webinars for sales enablement
  • 36% use webinars for customer on-boarding and ongoing education
  • 19% use B2B webinars to support ABM efforts

Half (50%) said they plan to leverage webinars to support ABM initiatives, while 45% plan to incorporate webinars into nurture initiatives.

  • 38% plan to use B2B webinars for sales enablement
  • 42% plan to use webinars within segmented campaigns
  • 39% plan to use B2B webinars for customer on-boarding and ongoing education
  • 50% plan to leverage webinars to support ABM initiatives
  • 45% plan to incorporate B2B webinars into nurture initiative

Using Webinars in the Demand Gen Mix – B2B Webinars Provide Deeper Engagement

The study showed that the majority (84%) of respondents include audience Q&As in their webinar productions, while 60% said they include polls to better gauge topics of interest and focus points from their prospects. More than half (57%) said they use screen-share features during their B2B webinars to offer more of a conversational, workshop-type feel versus a presentation.

  • Only 38% are using webcams, which can help create a more unique atmosphere for presenters and attendees by having presenters on screen versus PowerPoint slides
  • Another 38% are using audience surveys, which can help garner even deeper insights on prospective buyer needs and interests than standard polls and Q&As

Which features/functions are you currently using in your B2B webinars?

  • 84% Audience Q&A
  • 69% Ability to pre-record and publish on-demand
  • 60% Audience polls
  • 57% Screensharing
  • 38% Webcam videos of presenters
  • 38% Audience surveys

Using Webinars in the Demand Gen Mix – Webinars Address Buyer Pain Points

The B2B Webinar research also revealed that 64% of respondents said they plan to produce a series of webinars on related topics, offering prospects more opportunities to engage with their brand and get a better understanding of buyer pain points and interests.

Which New Approaches to B2B Webinars Are B2B Taking in the Next 12 Months?

  • 64% Shorter duration/format
  • 50% Panel format with industry experts
  • 49% Incorporating more video into presentations
  • 46% Deeper audience engagement with polls/surveys
  • 46% Series of webinars on related topics

Using Webinars in the Demand Gen Mix – Connecting B2B Webinar Reporting

The research findings showed that B2B marketing teams have more opportunities to dive deeper into the data garnered from webinar engagement. Forty-five percent are analyzing live versus on-demand viewing, which can uncover the ongoing importance of the topic and help highlight prospects that weren’t a part of the original live-air audience. Also, 42% are reporting on the specific questions being asked by attendees, which can be valuable to identify exactly where prospects are in their purchase decision.

While 78% of marketers say integrating webinar analytics with their CRM and marketing automation is key to effective webinar management, only 29% are actually doing so.

The Ability tO Measure & Utilize Data & Reports

  • 33% integrate webinar reporting with marketing automation
  • 29% integrate webinar reporting into both marketing automation and CRM
  • 16% manually export reporting into Excel and manually share
  • 7% don’t analyze reporting beyond registration/attendance

Of those analyzing webinar reporting, data shows that the most important reporting metrics revolve around understanding attendee engagement:

  • 84% said they analyze reports on who attended versus who registered
  • 64% said they track which channels drove registrants
  • 62% said they report analytics on engagement metrics

Using Webinars in the Demand Gen Mix – B2B Webinar Best Practices

While webinars have been used by B2B marketing teams for some time, they have become a critical part of many go-to-market initiatives. The majority (92%) either use webinars in their marketing mix, or plan to incorporate them within the next 12 months.

This is because B2B companies have seen considerable success and returns from leveraging this medium to share relevant and contextual information with their target audience. Close to half (48%) said that webinars provide better quality leads based on engagement, while 37% said that they provide an ability to gather relevant customer insights to provide greater customer experiences. One-third (33%) said they see better conversions from webinars.

While 87% of respondents currently use webinars to boost lead generation efforts, this data shows marketers are doubling down on webinars by testing new formats and expanding webinars as a full-funnel tactic.

  • 50% are planning to use webinars to support ABM
  • 45% plan to use webinars for nurturing
  • 39% plan to use webinars for customer on-boarding



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